Achieve some basic imposition on PDF documents

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Bookletimposer is an utility to achieve some basic imposition on PDF documents, especially designed to work on booklets.

Bookletimposer is implemented as a commandline and GTK+ interface to pdfimposer, a reusable python module built on top of pyPdf2.

It was tested on GNU/Linux althought it may work on any systems with a Python interpreter.

Bookletimposer and pdfimposer are both free software released under the GNU General Public License, either version 3 or (at your option) any later version.


BookletImposer isn't able to merge multiple PDF files. We advise you to use pdfshuffler if you need such a feature; pdfshuffler is available in Debian.


bookletimposer main window

bookletimposer main window


Please read the changelog to know more about latest releases and throw an eye on the git repository te see what's going on.

Development status

BookletImposer is under development and is thus not perfect yet. Some things work, some others do not... Thanks to report bugs if you find some!

Furthermore some features still need to be implemented.



BookletImposer is available in Debian.

Building from sources


Everything is in the archive.

Install dependancies

You must first ensure that the dependencies are installed. They are provided by the following Debian packages:

`python-gi gir1.2-gtk-3.0 gir1.2-glib-2.0 python-distutils-extra python-pypdf2 pandoc`

Build pdfimposer/BookletImposer

Download the tarball from the archive and extract it. Go in the bookletimposer-version directory and run the following command:

$ ./ build

Then as run as root:

# ./ install


pdfimposer requires:

BookletImposer also requires:

In addition, the build and installation process requires:


BookletImposer usage

Help on graphical utility in available in the Bookletimposer manual.

Help on command line options is available in the man page.

Pdfimposer API documentation

See generated epydoc documentation.


Please clone the git repository and submit patches to

$ git clone

Older versions

pdfimposer and BookletImposer are a rewrite of PyPdfConv.

PyPdfConf is not supported anymore, but can still be downloaded here.