An utility to reorganize PDF pages

August 2009

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pyPdfConv is not supported anymore. Please use its replacement BookletImposer. (november 2010)

What is it ?

PyPdfConv is a program that enables to convert easily PDF documents on GNU/Linux (and evry systems with Python interpretor). It is a free software released under GPL whith allow:

PyPdfConv permettait de fusionner plusieurs documents PDF en un seul. Cette fonctionnalité a été abandonnée, car il existe maintenant pdfshuffler qui fait ça très bien. Un paquet debian est disponible.

PyPdfConv is under devlopment, which means that for the moment, some things works, some others does not... Thanks to report bugs if you find some!

Voici une copie d'écran de la version de juillet 2008 :

Capture d'écran de l'onglet Convertions de PyPdfConv

How it works

More technically, PyPdfConv is made of an graphic interface writen in PyGTK which controls a modified version of pyPdf, which is a toolbox for PDF implemented in Python. It is the way employed now;

Other versions

PyPdfConv is modular, and can support external converters provided by PdfJam and PsUtils utilities.

The previous version of PyPdfConv, with was a "simple" graphic interface written in PyGTK for PdfJam and PsUtils, which is avalible here []

Developpement state (june 2009)

Among known problems:

Quick installation

Detailled installation instructions


PyPdfConv needs:

The utility itself


To launch PyPdfConv, execute the command: $ pypdfconv